It has been a long time since my last journal entry. During that time, I have continued to transport rare goods across the galaxy and even fought for a short while on behalf of the Empire. Unfortunately, I then injured … Continue reading

It seems I can’t trade for long before the urge to get involved in combat operations takes a hold of me. As much as I love the credits, that’s really not why I do it. Though that doesn’t mean a … Continue reading

With the ‘accidental’ assassination of JFK still fresh in my mind, I needed to get away from my home systems… I figured that working the bulletin board, working some trade routes, would be a nice distraction. After a little bit … Continue reading

Things had been good recently, I’d felt pretty good out there among the Planet Lave stars. I was destroying the local mafia family one bounty kill at a time – and having fun doing it. Sidewinders are still my favorite … Continue reading

After returning from Kappa Fornakis, it was back to business as usual. Bounty Hunting can be a tricky way to make money, but it’s what I am best at. Unfortunately at this point, after another evening spent in Zaonce, the … Continue reading

I couldn’t read the GalNet News anymore without getting involved. While I would have sincerely liked to help the Slave revolt, the Empire are a superpower I can see myself becoming allied with in the future, despite my revulsion towards … Continue reading

It didn’t take long: I’ve literally only been able to get my ship out of the hangar a few times, but the ship upgrade grind is already over. I’ve built myself a superbly capable Core Dynamics Eagle already. I’ve continued … Continue reading

I began in Lave, historical home of my kin. We are Bounty Hunters. Message reads: Welcome to the cut throat, multiplayer Milky Way galaxy in the year 3300. Start with a small starship and a few credits, and do whatever … Continue reading

After months and months of training, learning and fact finding, it is time to play the game for real: Elite Dangerous is released in seven days. With the recent announcement that our stats will not be reset on December 16, … Continue reading

Fin Sta Driver Interval Led Fast Lap
1 9 Rob James 22 laps 9 1:06.948
2 3 Chris Ullrich +0:02.127 13 1:07.231
3 13 Joern Hoormann +0:05.364 0 1:06.826
4 4 Andy Bonar +0:18.329 0 1:07.608
5 2 Balazs Orban +0:19.960 0 1:07.875
7 6 Timothy Wheatley +0:27.373 0 1:08.232

I am not a good qualifier. Let’s get that out there. I normally lap faster in races with full fuel and cold tires than I do when trimmed out and pushing hard. So the idea of an inverted grid, or … Continue reading