Heading over from Thor’s Eye and the Black Hole within that system, I arrived at Lagoon Nebula to find a beautiful arrangement of greens, reds and black, darkening out the galactic plane. I’m really enjoying exploring and seeing these sights. … Continue reading

Having previously visited Pipe and IC 4604 Nebulas, I continued onwards towards Lagoon Nebula, but before I got there I found myself in Thor’s Eye, a system with a Black Hole – 3400LY away from where I started this section … Continue reading

This page lists *my* experiences with Vulture Catfish. While some of the fish-related Web sites you may find may give you the scientific information, very few of them probably tell you the information in this post. I should point out … Continue reading

I continued assassinating criminal targets recently, trying the Asp, but found the repair bills to be too large to make it a viable combat vessel. I also tried the Viper, but it seems to have changed enough since my grandfathers … Continue reading

This is not the hardest walk I’ve had in terms of effort, but certainly the most stressful, even probably the most stupid (in hindsight). The surface conditions were in no way suitable for my footwear. The snow was compacted, or … Continue reading

Just the other day, YouTube and Twitch streamer Jimmy Broadbent posted an introduction to an upcoming sim racing series where he is going to race one of my employers old titles; F1 Challenge ’99-02. The difference between his introduction and … Continue reading

I’ve been in Alioth for a few days now, exploring and trying to find out what I can about my family. It’s been hard going, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing here! Investigations aside, I’ve been trying to … Continue reading

While recovering from my recent mishap with the cargo hatch of my Cobra Mk III, I found myself with a lot of time to sit around… I finally had the time to go through my family archive, and it seems … Continue reading

It has been a long time since my last journal entry. During that time, I have continued to transport rare goods across the galaxy and even fought for a short while on behalf of the Empire. Unfortunately, I then injured … Continue reading

It seems I can’t trade for long before the urge to get involved in combat operations takes a hold of me. As much as I love the credits, that’s really not why I do it. Though that doesn’t mean a … Continue reading