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Featured Post: 11/17/2014
Oculus Rift DK2 Opinions and Review
Elite Journal: Jellyfish Nebula (April Exploration Day 3)

Starting from near the edge of the rift 4000LY out from Sol, I began to make my way over to the Jellyfish Nebula. Jellyfish Nebula contains a Neutron Star, so I made sure to set that as my target. Unfortunately … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Heading ‘South’ (April Exploration Day 2)

Leaving behind the California Nebula, I made my way out to 4000LY ‘south’ of Sol on day two. I did find myself in a little bit of a rift at about 2000LY, where the stars seemed quite spaced apart, so … Continue reading

Elite Journal: California Nebula (April Exploration Day 1)

After my recovery from Barnard’s Loop, I got a good nights sleep in Jameson Memorial and set off into the black once again the following day, after I’d got my affairs in order (and paid my insurance); I decided to … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Planetary pancake near Barnard’s Loop

Sitting in the bar in Conway City (LTT 4961) I pondered where to go on my annual exploration trip… Last year I’d been to Sagittarius A* and seen many sights along the way, I’d also been in the other direction … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Station Construction in LHS 3447

Starting out with nothing but a Sidewinder and 1000 credits was tough! I remember how hard everything seemed in those early days, so when I saw an opportunity to help out in a system where new pilots often begin their … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Free The Slaves

Since leaving Lave and even during my time within the Empire rising to the rank of King (a meaningless and empty title that didn’t answer any of the questions I had within the Achenar System), I have avoided contact with … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Clear Trade Routes in Okinura

The Okinura Community Goal seemed simple enough: Collect on some WANTED status ships and profit. Reality? Not so much. I found myself under attack, for no reason that I can still understand, by another Commander. Still, I made a tidy … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Facece Empire Capital Ship Debris

Passing through the Facece System on my way to my bounty hunting weekend location, I intercepted a distress call and dropped out at a nearby Capital Ship navigation signature to get more information; I found a huge ball of debris … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Mitterand Hollow (Epsilon Indi System)

After laying waste to some scurvy dogs in the Hazardous Resource Extraction site in LTT 4961, I retired to the local bar once again to discuss events with my mates. One of them mentioned a sight he’d seen barely a … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Fer de Lance – Bounty Hunting Fun Again

It’s been a long time since I found a ship that was both fresh and fun. I do feel like it is a step down in terms of overall combat effectiveness to the Python, but in my hands I feel … Continue reading