I have played flight simulations on and off for years, though not for any extended amount of time. When I backed the Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen space games on the Kickstarter crowdfunding site for Alpha access, I owned an … Continue reading

When I saw ‘Among the Stars‘ first appear on the GalNet News wire, I knew I had to take part; I had recently lobbied myself to build a station deeper out into space, I organized provisions and worked to make … Continue reading

After a long period of flirtation with the Vulture, I’ve moved on; While it might be more fun and even more suited to my flying style, it’s just not powerful enough anymore… I’ve moved onto the Python! I’m using a … Continue reading

Fin Driver Interval Class Cl Pos Cl Pts
1 Shinji Tajima (A.I.) 49:27 GT1 1 10
8 Bret LeBrac (A.I.) +1 Lap GT3 1 10
11 Brewer / Auerbach (A.I.) +1 Lap GT2 1 10
14 Magnussen / O'Connell (A.I.) +1 Lap GT2 2 6
15 Alex Finkle (A.I.) +1 Lap GT2 3 4
16 Timothy Wheatley +1 Lap GT2 4 3
17 Earl Oveur (A.I.) +1 Lap GT2 5 2
18 Walter Wayne (A.I.) +1 Lap GT2 6 1

After my class win at Bathurst, I moved onto Silverstone Circuit for round two of my offline championship. This race, I decided against pitting and would try to make the whole 48-minute race on a single set of tires. The … Continue reading

Fin Driver Interval Class Cl Pos
1 Gary Randall (A.I.) N/A GT1 1
8 Timothy Wheatley +1 Lap GT2 1
9 Brewer / Auerbach (A.I.) +1 Lap GT2 2
10 Gjoey Pete (A.I.) +1 Lap GT2 3
11 Helio Grindelwald (A.I.) +1 Lap GT3 1

It’s been a long time since I posted something sim racing related on my little blog-Web-type-site-thing, but I figured it might be time to do it. I work for a developer, our product is rFactor 2, that’s the racing game/sim … Continue reading

While continuing to rank up with the Empire, I’ve been flying a Lakon Type 9 quite a bit. An exciting moment today where I found myself being pirated and chased right into the station… The station announcer said it is … Continue reading

My history in consoles is quite interesting: I’m a PC user. I grew up with a Commodore Vic-20, 64 and Amiga 600. I owned a Sega Saturn and only played Sega Rally – literally. That’s what it was bought for, … Continue reading

The trip to Sagittarius A* was an amazing achievement, one that led me to spend quite a lot less time in space for a bit. I guess I just couldn’t look at another star! After a small break, I did … Continue reading

I’m aware of the fact that a lot of animated movies seem to portray young women who need a ‘Prince’ to come along and rescue them, but, what else are they showing us? I noticed recently that the father in … Continue reading

After my trip to Barnard’s Loop, I decided to head straight back out on another exploration run to the very center of the Milky Way and the Supermassive Black Hole at Sagittarius A*. My priority was to get there and … Continue reading